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New York Residents Sue WHO Over Coronavirus, Seek 'Substantial Damages'

| Tamala Stumon | COVID-19

With all of the people who have been devastated by the novel coronavirus pandemic, it was just a matter of time before someone sought legal retribution.

Now, three New York residents from one of the earliest hot spots, Westchester county, are suing the World Health Organization (WHO) for negligence, saying that the body covered up the coronavirus pandemic when it first appeared in China.

Filed in Manhattan Federal Court by New Rochelle's Richard Kling and Steve Rotker and Scarsdale's Gennario Purchia, the class-action lawsuit is seeking “substantial damages” and could potentially include all adults affected in the county.

“The WHO has recklessly and negligently managed this deadly pandemic and assisted China to play down the severity, prevalence and scope of the COVID-19 outbreak,” the suit says.

“Although China has been dishonest about the coronavirus’ origin and prevalence, misinforming and misleading the World and member nations, the WHO publicly praised China’s 'transparency’ in battling the spread of the disease.”

Not coincidentally, the verbiage in the suit mirrors words uttered by President Trump, who has "halted roughly $500 million of U.S. money normally contributed to WHO pending a "review” of the agency’s response to the virus. Trump suggested the agency’s early opposition to travel restrictions on China was the sole reason for the virus spreading," reports NY Daily News.

A lawyer from New Rochelle is largely believed to be a major cause of the coronavirus's initial spread to New York City. Labeled "patient zero" by New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, the man was diagnosed on March 2 and survived the ensuing disease.

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