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How Mahisha Dellinger Builds Self-Love With Multi-Million Dollar CURLS

| Legends Times Staff | LIFESTYLES

Loving yourself is embracing and nurturing your whole, glorious self from head to toe. For entrepreneur Mahisha Dellinger, that meant starting with her gorgeous curls and disrupting the hair care industry, one product at a time.

Early in life, Dellinger relaxed her hair, as many Black women once did. Over time, however, the harsh chemicals began to ravage her tresses and body. Dellinger realized that she had to make a change, but she quickly discovered that there weren’t any natural products out there to give her hair what it needed. So, she set out to make her own.

"My shift from love, hate, love, it was infused back into my brand to help people along [their] journey to just love, love, love [their hair]," Dellinger tells Yahoo Life. "I didn't want anyone to feel like they had to change who they were, so I had to give [people] the tools so they could do that."

Considered a trailblazer today, Dellinger’s CURLS is now a multi-million dollar company and bonafide success after nearly 20 years in business. Her ultimate goal, however, is to both advocate for more Black female ownership and representation in the hair care industry and empower other people of color to explore entrepreneurship overall.

As a pioneer in the natural Black hair care space, Dellinger faced unique challenges that sometimes made her doubt herself and her business. Facing “no’s” at every turn despite producing an excellent product, she began to wonder if she was in the right place and doing the right thing. In short, she suffered from Impostor Syndrome.

Yet Dellinger kept going till she got that first “yes” from a major retailer, Target. She credits that launch with giving her “the stamp of approval” that she needed. “And that’s how I knew I was on to something," she said.

CURLS currently has nine collections available on the shelves, and people can’t get enough of its most recent offering, Blueberry Bliss Hair Growth.

(via Yahoo Life): From the moisturizer and curl control paste to scalp treatment and hair growth vitamins, the new line features everything you need to achieve and maintain a healthy head of curls.

What makes the collection a bestseller is the blueberry extract in each product. The powerful (and tasty) antioxidant repairs damaged hair, prevents breakage and encourages hair growth.

Dellinger will continue modeling and enabling self-love through her actions and products, knowing that she is inspiring millions of people to treat themselves better and shifting the narrative around Black hair care.


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