Joe Biden Has A Good Chance to Beat Trump - If Republicans Play Fair

Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt. is out, former Vice President Joe Biden is in, but does he have what it takes to bring down President Trump?

James Carville of NBC News thinks he does. Well, if the Republicans don't cheat, that is.

Carville believes that if this presidential election is conducted fairly, the results will end in a Democratic victory. The only way that he believes Republicans can win the election is by “chilling the right to vote” or “suppressing the vote.”

“Despite having gone through President Donald Trump’s impeachment ringer, former Vice President (and presumptive Democratic nominee) Joe Biden has never been down to Trump in the polling averages the entire primary — and is frequently up by double-digit margins, nationally,” mentions NBC News.

“He is up in North Carolina, he is up in Arizona, he is up in Wisconsin, has never been down in Michigan or Pennsylvania, and is even up in what has become the political no man's land of Ohio. In 2016, Trump won voters who disliked both him and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton by 17 points — right now, Biden is winning those voters by over 30. House Democrats are up with women — the critical bloc that propelled us to victory in 2018 — by 20 points. If this trend continues, not only will Biden be president, but also Republican Sens. Susan Collins of Maine, Cory Gardner of Colorado, and Kentucky's Mitch McConnell’s Senate majority will be all but a bad nightmare, as well.”

He urges the Dems to step up, especially during this moment of crisis, and demand as many measures to protect and expand the right to vote in the coming stimulus bills as possible. This includes “election security funding so secretaries of states across the country have the resources necessary to conduct an impartial election.”

Now is not the time for the Dems to “tuck their tails and run scared,” but a time to step up and “make expansive voting rights measures a requirement of the next stimulus bill.”

During the coronavirus distancing protocols, many Republicans in office are banking on a win, but according to Carville, Dems should follow the lead of Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass. She required states to mail a ballot to every registered voter with a prepaid return envelope.

Most importantly, to help put an end to Trump’s presidency, Carville thinks that we should make good on bills like the one proposed by Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn. It will require hack free paper ballots in the upcoming election.