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Curry’s Hard Coaching Sends SOS To Warriors Brass: Trade For Help

| Legends Times Staff | SPORTS

Golden State Warriors All-Star Stephen Curry is known as a sharpshooter on the basketball court, but now he’s also become a very loud, straight shooter with his teammates — right on the sidelines.

With a delivery that shocked fans — and possibly his fellow Warriors — Curry passionately screamed at teammates to lock in, push hard and fight back in a game that they ultimately lost badly, 130-104, to the Los Angeles Clippers.

Curry stepped in early in the third quarter with Golden State down by 20 points. Ever the leader, he tried to light a fire under his team that would turn the game around and ignite a run toward the postseason.

"It's always about what's happening in the moment. That's just basketball -- trying to bring competitive spirit and leadership in all different type of ways," Curry told reporters after the game. "We had an opportunity to set the tone for the second half of the season tonight, and obviously didn't do it. I think we've got to do something about that going into next game."

Though the Warriors have shown great fight on the defensive side of the ball — something coach Steve Kerr has been stressing since camp — the team relies heavily on Curry for scoring in the absence of stars like they had in the past. In fact, Golden State’s offensive efficiency swings by a full 14 points when Curry is on the court. The team scores 112.5 points per hundred possessions when he is present, but just 98.4 points when he is not.

Warriors president of basketball operations Bob Myers knows his team is facing major challenges and says his organization “will be aggressive” heading into the trade deadline. That said, moves made now will likely not pay off usual next season, when they will also have star Klay Thompson back from injury.

While that may not fix immediate problems, it would still be a major step in the right direction. And though it might not prevent Curry from going in on his current teammates, it would alleviate some long-term frustration — after all, help would be on the way.


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