Netflix Adds Screen Lock To Prevent Accidental Pauses On Android Devices

Binge-watchers and avid users of popular streaming service Netflix: If you are tired of accidentally pausing, rewinding, or exiting the app, the platform has just the solution to ease your woes.

You can now easily lock your screen while watching Netflix on your mobile device -- unless you’re an iOS user. For now, the feature is only available on Android smartphones and tablets.

“Once you finish scrolling through Netflix’s seemingly endless catalog of content and find something to watch,” mentions HowToGeek, “the on-screen interface will show the traditional playback controls along with several additional buttons. At any time while you’re watching, tap ‘Screen Lock’ to remove all elements of the Netflix interface except a central button that allows you to unlock the interface.”

Netflix Screen Lock Button

The feature will be a bonus for someone who is on the go and moves around a lot while watching movies on their phone.

The external volume buttons and features on your phone such as Android’s Quick Settings menu and swiping to go back will all still work when Screen Lock is enabled.

To disable this feature simply tap your screen and a “Screen Lock” prompt will appear for you to select, you will need to tap twice to confirm. Netflix’s playback controls will display gain.

Netflix Screen Unlock Button