Now Underway: Google Photos Adding Ability To Remove Audio From Video

Pictures and videos allow us to capture a moment in time and seal it forever. When it comes to videos, though, there are also moments when we only want to focus on the subject matter and remove the background noise completely.

Google Photos will now allow us to do just that, according to Jane Manchun Wong, known around the digital world as an app teardown extraordinaire. Wong has discovered that the latest version of Google Photos is preparing a new option for removing audio from an existing video, as is being reported on 9to5Google.

Up until now, Google Photos has had very basic video editing tools in both the iOS and Android versions, with the latter being a little more robust. Google Photos for both versions allows you to rotate your video, trim off the beginning and the end, and to export individual frames.

Back in 2019, a Google Photo user by the name of Flavia Corbella asked a question on the Google Photos Help blog:

“Is there a way to edit/remove the audio from videos online? the user asked. “I wish to send videos of my daughter playing hockey but I want to remove all sound before emailing them to family. How do I do that?”

“If you shot the video yourself there's unfortunately no way of removing the audio. As a workaround you may use a third-party video editing app,” said Paolo Amoroso, who was offering his advice.

Another user, TyQ, needed help with the same question, “Any luck? Need to remove audio from a hiking trip.”

With no luck within Google Photos at that time, commenters started to suggest outside apps: “I don't know any online tool that can edit/remove audio from videos, but there is this desktop tool that you can download for free and use it on editing your videos,” Icon gurl said. “This tool is Beecut, you can use this tool because of its simple interface.”

“Use InShot, - it’s a free app and you can remove all audio,” said Tiffany Womack.

Google Photos must have been paying attention to its users because it finally responded. As of now, there is no word on when the feature will be available.