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| Tamala Stumon | US NEWS

Virginia Pastor Who Proudly Defied Stay-At-Home Orders Dies Of COVID-19

Defying stay-at-home orders -- even to attend a religious service -- isn't brave, it's misguided and potentially deadly.

| Tamala Stumon | US NEWS

'We're Human, Too': NY Nurses Union Sues Over Coronavirus Protection

Fed up with the life-threatening conditions in which its members are being forced to work, a New York nurses union took legal action against the state and two hospitals.

| Tamala Stumon | US NEWS

Federal Appeals Court Halts Texas Abortions Under Cover Of Coronavirus

Just beneath the madness and mayhem surrounding the novel coronavirus, another medical battle is being waged -- but this one is in the courts.

| Tamala Stumon | US NEWS

Supreme Court Rules Criminal Convictions Require Unanimous Jury Votes

Until Monday, two American states allowed defendants to be convicted by "majority rule." Now, the U.S. Supreme Court has stepped in and established a single standard for juries across the entire nation.