South Carolina Reopens Certain Businesses, Gov Says Georgia To Follow

“We are still in a very serious situation…we must be sure that we continue to be strict and disciplined with our social distancing,” Gov. McMaster said at the press conference, as he planned to reopen the state of South Carolina.

With the state having 4,377 confirmed cases of the virus with 120 deaths as of Monday afternoon, according to Time, Gov. McMaster added, “Our goal was to cause the most damage possible to the virus, while doing the least possible damage to our businesses. South Carolina’s business is business.”

Gov. McMaster is cancelling the restrictions he made two weeks ago to fight the spread of the coronavirus.

He mentioned beaches may open back up, which is dependent on the guidance from local jurisdictions. Also on his list of reopenings are clothing stores, furniture stores, clothing good stores and florist shops, allowing the doors to open as of 5:00 p.m. today.

Following his lead, also at a press conference on Monday, Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp said that he too, will allow certain businesses to reopen on Friday. “He claimed the state is on track to meet the White House’s Phase One guidelines which allow for some businesses to resume operation.”

On Gov. Kemp list of reopenings are, gyms, tattoo parlors, and hair salons. He is also allowing movie theaters and restaurants to reopen, as long as they continue to follow the social distancing and hygiene guidelines.

“I know the impact that this pandemic has had on hardworking Georgians in every zip code and in every community across our state,” Governor Kemp said at the press conference. “In the same way that we carefully closed businesses and urged operations to end to mitigate the virus’s spread, today we’re announcing plans to incrementally and safely reopen sectors of our economy.”

Georgia has 18,301 confirmed cases of the coronavirus with 687 deaths, Time reports.