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House Ethics Committee Announces Investigation of GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz

The sordid saga of U.S. Representative Matt Gaetz has taken a serious turn toward potential consequences, as the House Ethics Committee announced Friday it has launched an official investigation into his alleged misconduct.

| Legends Times Staff | US NEWS

Tucker Carlson Defends White Supremacist Theory, ADL Says He ‘Must Go’

How many racist statements does it take to get one cable TV pundit fired? If you’re Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, there may not be an answer to that question — yet.

| Legends Times Staff | US NEWS

Fake White House Press Corps Reporter Posed Questions To Jen Psaki

The digital age has democratized everything, apparently, including access to the White House press corps. In a stunning show of digital prowess, a fake reporter named Kacey Montagu infiltrated their ranks and got questions posed directly to press secretary Jen Psaki.

| Legends Times Staff | US NEWS

40 Percent Of States Have Legalized Weed - Here’s Who Is Next

More than 40% of Americans now live in places where marijuana use is legal.

That’s a huge change in attitudes toward the plant after years of crackdowns through the infamous, decades-long “War On Drugs.”

| Legends Times Staff | US NEWS

New York Legalizes Recreational Weed Use & Legal Sales Are Coming Soon

Recreational marijuana use is now legal in New York, and it will soon be legal to sell it as well.

| Legends Times Staff | US NEWS

Korean Church Takes On Racism, Politics, Police After Atlanta Massacre

Korean churches firmly believe in separating church and state, but racism, violence and a brutal massacre of Asian people have pastors saying it’s time to speak out.

| Legends Times Staff | US NEWS

’Trump Bump’ Ends For News As Ratings, Readers Drop - What Happens Now?

The Trump bump is gone and news organizations are feeling the pinch as ratings and readers fall off without the former President’s daily flurry of frenzied activity.

| Legends Times Staff | US NEWS

History Made: Kim Janey Is First Black, First Female Boston Mayor

Acting Mayor Kim Janey has been making firsts in Boston all her life, and now she is the first woman and Black person to lead the city.

| Legends Times Staff | US NEWS

Trump Lawyer Heading Up GOP Strategy To Shut Down Voter Rights

Longtime conservative Republican lawyer and Trump adviser Cleta Mitchell is championing a new cause — coordinating GOP-led voter suppression efforts across the U.S.

| Legends Times Staff | US NEWS

Newly-Revamped Child Tax Credit Could Cut Child Poverty By 50%

COVID-19 has stripped Americans of many of the basic items, livelihoods and freedoms we once enjoyed, but it’s been particularly hard for those raising children.

| Legends Times Staff | US NEWS

Election Integrity Act: Georgia Makes Giving Voters To Water Illegal

“If you can’t beat them, deprive them of food and water” is the new motto of the Republican-controlled Georgia state government, as GOP Gov. Brian Kemp has signed a new law restricting voting access.

| Legends Times Staff | US NEWS

GOP Rep. Tom Reed Apologizes For Misconduct, Will Not Seek Reelection

U.S. Representative Tom Reed (R, NY) has apologized to a female former lobbyist who accused him of rubbing her back and unhooking her bra without consent, and he has announced that he will not seek reelection in 2022.

| Legends Times Staff | US NEWS

George Floyd's Family Gets $27 Million Civil Settlement From Minneapolis

The family of George Floyd reached a settlement on Friday with the city of Minneapolis, receiving $27 million for his brutal death under the knee of former officer Derek Chauvin.

| Legends Times Staff | US NEWS

Here Is The Key To Getting Your $1,400 Payment As Soon As Possible

“The check’s in the mail direct deposit,” say the IRS and Treasury Department, who have already begun dispersing the $1,400 direct payments from the Biden administration’s landmark $1.9 trillion COVID-relief bill.